Congratulations to the NITOP 2020 Award Winners!

The Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence

Christie Cathey, Missouri State University; Charles Hoogland, University of South Florida; Lydia Needy, Missouri State University

Poster:  "The Midterm Wrapper:  A Performance Intervention that Works"

The Doug Bernstein Award

Erin Freeman

University of Oklahoma

Poster:  "The United Stats of America: How Politics Can Inspire the Teaching of Undergraduate Statistics"

The Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Award

Carey Dowling and Carrie Smith, University of Mississippi;

Yue Yin and Jeff Williams, University of South Florida

Poster:  "Creation and Validation of the Academic Beliefs Scale:  Predicting Undergraduate Grade Point Average with Mindsets and Behaviors"

Runner-Up Recognition for the Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Award

Randomized Exam Wrapper Intervention in a Large Introductory Psychology Course

Shaina F. Rowell, Elise M. Walck-Shannon, Regina F. Frey, Emily R. Cohen-Shikora, and Emily Spector, Washington University in St. Louis

What Should I Do With My Hands? Using Gesture to Facilitate Meaningful Learning

Celeste Pilegard, University of California, San Diego; Logan Fiorella, University of Georgia


Each year, the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology gives three awards.  Each winner receives a certificate and a complimentary registration at a future NITOP conference. 

The Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence:  for the poster judged by NITOP Organizing Committee as best promoting quality teaching methods.

The Doug Bernstein Award:  for the poster judged by the NITOP Organizing Committee as the most humorous, creative, or original, or as making the strongest contribution to the teaching of introductory psychology

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award: for the poster judged to be the most outstanding in terms of (a) the importance of the research question addressed, (b) the soundness of the research methodology employed, (c) the use of appropriate qualitative and/or statistical analyses, and (d) the clarity with which the implications of the research findings for teaching and learning are expressed.

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