Congratulations to the NITOP 2019 Award Winners!

The Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence

Kristel Gallagher of Thiel College

Poster:  "Using 'Make and Take Quizzes' to Win the Triple Crown of Teaching: A Simple Strategy to Encourage Spaced Practice, Retrieval Practice, and Elaboration"

The Doug Bernstein Award

Diana K. Riser and Stephanie Clarke at Columbus State University

Poster:  "Scientific Memes: Using the Language of Social Media to Improve Student Critical Thinking, Scientific Literacy, and Communication in Lifespan Development"

The Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Award

Manda Williamson of The University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Poster:  "Effect Size Calculations Demonstrating Impact of Collaborative Learning on Exam Scores and Cumulative Final Exam in Introduction to Psychology"


Each year, the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology gives three awards.  Each winner receives a certificate and a complimentary registration at a future NITOP conference. 

The Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence:  for the poster judged by NITOP Organizing Committee as best promoting quality teaching methods.

The Doug Bernstein Award:  for the poster judged by the NITOP Organizing Committee as the most humorous, creative, or original, or as making the strongest contribution to the teaching of introductory psychology

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award: for the poster judged to be the most outstanding in terms of (a) the importance of the research question addressed, (b) the soundness of the research methodology employed, (c) the use of appropriate qualitative and/or statistical analyses, and (d) the clarity with which the implications of the research findings for teaching and learning are expressed.

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