Frequently Asked Questions

If I register and then cannot attend, will I receive a refund?

A full refund will be issued for cancellations received by December 1 in the year prior to the institute. No refunds will be given after that date.

The poster size is 30 X 40 inches. Which is the width and which is the height? What about font size?

Either orientation is permitted. When your poster is accepted, we will send you specific guidelines (also available online through this link) which you should use in preparing your poster, but in general, no text in the poster should be less than 28 point.

What should I prepare if my Participant Idea Exchange is accepted?

You should prepare about a 10-15 minute introduction which encourages input and participation by the people who join your discussion. Having a handout also encourages participation.

I do not know anyone else who is attending the conference. How do I contact someone to share a room at the TradeWinds?

On the registration form, space is provided for you to request our roommate matching service. You should also make a reservation at the TradeWinds before the cut-off date. We will contact you with the name and contact information for a possible roommate, and if you are able to make arrangements, one of you can cancel your TW reservation.

I am a student but I also have a part-time teaching position. May I register as a student?

If you are employed no more than half time and you provide a fall schedule which indicates that you are currently enrolled as a student, you may register as a student.

I am a member of APA but not APS. Do I receive a discount on my registration fee?

No. APA supports a conference speaker and gives other financial support, but there is no discount available for APA members.

My spouse is not a psychologist but may wish to attend a few sessions. Is there a charge for this?

No. He or she should obtain a guest badge at registration before attending any sessions, however.