NITOP 2020 Concurrent Sessions


  Leslie Berntsen:  Pedagogy of the Empowered: Fostering Everyday Activism in Intro Psych (and Beyond)

  Kenneth R. Carter:  Psychology in Context: The Psychology of Thrill-Seeking

Mesmin Destin:  How Psychological Science Can Help Reduce Socioeconomic Disparities in Student Achievement  

 Donald Foss:  Improving Student Success: From the Classroom to the Lab to the Classroom to...We Need to Talk!

  Leslie D. Frazier:  Fostering Self-Regulation in Learning and Life: The Health Psychology Petri Dish   

Laura Freberg and Steph Cacioppo:  

Bridgette Martin Hard:  Teach and Discover with Stealthy Pedagogical Research

  Jeffrey Holmes:  Battling the Undead: The Perpetual Mythology of Education and Learning   

    Viji Sathy and Kelly Hogan  

Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Classroom Environments

Donald A. Saucier:  Engaging the Sage: Using Trickle-Down Engagement to Maximize Both Teacher and Student Engagement  


   Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan:  How Family Relationships Influence Child Development: Recent Research and Parallels to the Classroom

  Samuel R. Sommers and Lisa M. Shin   

How Do Students Use an E-Text? Experimental Investigation of Reading Practices and Testing Outcomes

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